11/04/08 The Historic Election of President Obama

I am still in awe. It’s real. America has elected its first black president.

Only a few decades ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared a dream.  A vision for a world where the color of someone’s skin would not be a basis for discrimination.  Doctor King’s vision is a compelling picture that inspired many. A vision big enough to potentially inspire us forever, because discrimination could be part of our social DNA, indefinitely.

It is undeniable that our society reached achievements in many scientific areas that were once considered unthinkable.  Although we are going through some rough times at the moment, America’s economy is innovative, free, and flexible enough to accommodate a vast array of businesses and enterprises.  Our government is not perfect, however it is proven to be stable and fair, to a large degree.

Still, the social baggage we are dragging since the slavery years is heavy.  That baggage has not made it easy for our nation to move forward in terms of social equality and racial reconciliation.

On Tuesday, November 4, 2008 Dr. King’s vision became more real, achievable, at hand’s reach…  America voted and elected its first “non-white” president. Racial reconciliation does not happen overnight. There is a lot more to do, more fighting for justice, and more healing. But Obama’s election is without a doubt a major step forward in the battle against discrimination.

Obama’s theme throughout his presidential campaign was “change.”  On November 4, Obama’s political and partisan message translated into a message of social significance.  We, as a people, made history. We are changing our social DNA.  We are allowing that change to happen in our community in the way we think about each other.

I have been thinking about that election day, on and off in the past few days. The unfolding of the results, the blue and red colors on the screen of my TV, the analysis…  then in my mind, politics take place in the background, together with the economy and the many achievements of our society.

In the foreground, history unfolding and hope for a better society.

3 Replies to “11/04/08 The Historic Election of President Obama”

  1. Gianluca,

    The Greater Cincinnati Commitment would like to invite you and your community group to either independently organize or attend a watch party for “The New Neighbors” and another PBS show that features Cincinnati.

    We met at the Museum Center when you were attending the Race Exhibit. You expressed interest at that time in finding out how your organization could work with us and vice versa.

    Be watching or listening for a phone call from Steve Johns of Citizens for Civic Renewal who is one of our Greater Cincinnati Commitment Alliance members.

    I have looked at the Acora website and think that the mission of your group and ours could mutually benefit from this association.

    Thank you,

    Paula J. Gross
    513 794 0550
    513 793 2646

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