“I strive to create a safe therapeutic relationship with my clients, characterized by empathic, confidential, and non-judgmental listening. I embark on a journey with my clients aimed to exploring life and making sense of existence in the light of disruptive factors which may and inevitably cause anxiety and discomfort. I also uphold the idea that each individual has a unique identity which can flourish through relationships with others. I believe that an individual is healthy when she or he is able to project a positive vision of her or his future. Hope seems to be one of the first dynamics affected by mental and emotional disorders; I believe that hope is a pivotal center where spiritual, mental, and physical dimensions of a person converge.”

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Treatment approach:

Gianluca Bruno is a licensed professional clinical counselor as well as an ordained minister. He draws from person-centered, existential, and narrative approaches to therapy. He counsels couples and individuals who are seeking to bring about change in certain areas of their lives that are not congruent with their view of self. He is comfortable discussing themes surrounding spirituality and values, with tact, and according to the comfort level of his clients.

Scope of practice and specialties:

Gianluca specializes in the treatment of issues such as addictions, grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, low self-esteem, relationships, sexuality, life meaning, life transitions, identity, and spiritual challenges. He is fluent in Italian. His multicultural background helps him be aware of the differences in various cultural values and practices, which may impact mental health. His management experience in the non-profit and ecclesiastical sectors make him a resource for your executive coaching needs, especially surrounding leadership development, corporate envisioning, and conflict management.

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