I have recently attended the 4th annual conference on innovation. I loved it!

As usual after this kind of gatherings I feel inspired, re-energized, and hopeful.  The speakers were very insightful, the infromation they shared was valuable, and their thoughts were challenging. However, what makes these conferences worthwhile is getting together with people that share the same passion, the conversations after the presentations, the energy that comes from those conversations.

The purpose of the Innovation Conference is to provide a forum in which creative and stimulating ideas can be discussed. To me, this conference is about intentionally dream of the possibilities for the church of the near and remote future. It may sound idealistic in a way, but it is not if you think that the future is happening as we speak…

It is so important that we have an arena where one can ask questions without fear. It is so healthy to meet with a group of like-minded seekers and realize that there are difficult questions that no one has an answer for.


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