Bio-diversity heroes!


Very recent data by the FAO shows that in the United States 95 percent of cabbage varieties and 94 percent of green bean varieties have disappeared. In Mexico, the crop variety has decreased of 20 percent. These are just a couple of examples of vegetables that are disappearing from the marketplace.

So What?

It is well known that a crossover of genetic material between different groups within a species, generally gives birth to stronger and healthier progeny. That is true in animals, humans, and plants as well. Mass-quantity farming endeavors prefer homogeneous commercial cultivations. Unfortunately, this way of doing business is eliminating the variety in the genetic material of our vegetables.

Experts are suggesting that currently the small farming businesses are the only entity that is guaranteeing bio-diversity on our tables. Also, home vegetable gardens usually contain a greater variety of seeds than commercial farming. Small farmers and home gardeners are bio-diversity heroes!

If you have a piece of land, why not grow vegetables? It is healthy, it relieves stress, it gives you a sense of accomplishment… and it is good for global genetic preservation. Just a thought.

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